Frequently Asked Questions


Here are some basics to help you when visiting with us for the first time.

What do I wear?
Clothes!  Come in clothes. All joking aside, we have no prescribed dress code and have members and visitors that come dressed up, dressed down and somewhere in the middle.  But no matter how you come, we welcome you!

Is there child care?
Yes, during regular worship services we have DOORWAY Kidz for children ages 4-12. For your convenience, you can drop off your children as early as 9:30am on Sundays or 7pm on Wednesdays.  Our teachers are very loving and well equipped to handle even the most nervous of children. Feel free to speak to the team member at the registration table for more info.

What about babies?
Babies are welcome at church, too! 😉  We have a nursery & toddler room for your baby and as with DOORWAY Kidz you can drop off your infant/toddler as early as 9:30am on Sundays and 7pm on Wednesdays. Have no fear! If there is ever an issue, a nursery worker will call for you.

What can I expect at a church service?
When you visit us you can expect a warm greeting from the moment you enter the door.  We enjoy meeting new people and have our volunteer team members present to help answer any questions you have and point you in the direction of either Doorway Kidz, where to get coffee and even show you where the restrooms are located.  You can expect great music, a great sermon and a great time of meet and greet after service.

Are there activities to help me  build my faith and learn more about the Bible?
We have weekly Bible study on Wednesday nights at 7:30pm. Bible Study is different from Sundays.  It’s more relaxed and might include an open forum of conversation and encouragement.

Throughout the year there are events that also give you a chance to connect with us and grow in your faith. Our Women’s & Men’s Ministry have bi-annual Conferences and fellowships.  More info about dates, times and locations can be found on the FLOURISH & Razor Sharp pages.

if you are feeling at home here we encourage you to find ways to get involved.  We have many teams that you can be part of, whether it be greeting people at the door or helping with ushering.  If you’re tech savvy we have audio, video, lighting, camera & projection teams that would love to have you.  If you’re more a behind the scenes kind of person, serving on the TLC Hospitality team (they make meals for people in need) might be a good fit, or volunteering with our food pantry or even being part of our church cleaning crew.  For the musically inclined, you might find that our Worship Team is where God wants you. If you love kids, then DOORWAY Kidz could be the place for you. If you’re brave and like teenagers, see what you can do in our Unhinged Youth team.

Wherever you choose, we want you to feel like that’s where God wants you.  If one area doesn’t work, there are many others to lend your hand to.  Either way, we are always excited about having teams that are the hands, feet and voice of Jesus.

Will I get to meet the Pastors?
Pastors Joe & Kitty can usually be found after service either in the sanctuary or the lobby or at our Good Grounds Coffee Bar. They love meeting new people and would love to meet you and your family.  Our church leaders are happy to meet you as well, so be sure to stick around after service and chat with us.